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Service Dog Training Programs

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Types of Service Dogs We Offer

Service Dog Programs

We offer a wide variety of comprehensive service dog training. Our mission for your service dog is not only to provide a dog that helps support the individual but also allows them to have a more independent and fulfilled life.
We understand every person may not fit in a certain category, so each of our services are tailored to fit the needs of each individual. Each dog is equipped with perfect obedience and base tasking. We are able to add custom commands or combine categories to better fit the individual as needed. If you have a specific need for your service animal, our staff would be happy to help direct you to the proper category or trainer. Just fill out our Service Dog Application, and we will be able to assist you further.

Autism Assistance Dogs

These dogs are specially trained to work beside their owner and provide various tasks to aid with the effects of autism.

From offering disruption of harmful repetitive behaviors to tracking down a child who has wandered off, service dogs for individuals with autism spectrum disorder have proven to be extremely beneficial to their handler and family.

The addition of an autism assistance dog has been proven to help with everything from sleep habits and speech improvement to social life skills and decreased anxiety.

Autism Service Dogs

Mobility Assistance Dogs

Mobility Assistant Dog Training

A companion capable of opening doors, turning on light switches, and other helpful tasks can aid immensely in the lives of individuals who are confined to wheelchairs.

These service dogs are dedicated and flexible, as they can be trained to perform a large variety of behaviors from the retrieval of dropped items to bracing during transitions and more.

Individuals working with mobility assistance service dogs have been able to achieve greater independence, leading to happier and healthier lifestyles.

Stability Assistance Dogs

Obtaining a service dog to use as a stability assistance device can tremendously benefit the lives of individuals needing balance support.

These sturdy dogs are trained to be a steady platform for their owners while walking, going up and down steps, and during transitions.

In addition, they can also retrieve dropped objects, open doors, and be trained for other helpful tasks to expand their owner’s range of motion, making getting around less of a hassle while increasing independence.

Stability Assistance Dog Training

Seizure Response Dogs

Seizure Response Dog Training

When a seizure does happen, it is common for the person to feel disoriented and weakened.

Seizure response dogs are there for their owners when they need someone most. They can be trained to perform a wide variety of tasks from barking for help and retrieving a medicine bag to pressing a medical alert button and providing stability assistance while their owner recovers.

The comfort and security these dogs provide is invaluable to those living with a seizure disorder.

Custom Service Dogs

Everyone is unique, from their personality to their lifestyle and interests. We understand that everyone’s needs may not fit into specific categories; therefore, we take the individual needs of every person into account.

We have added tasks to existing service dogs, and we can combine the different types of service dog tasks to fit the needs and requests of each individual.


Custom Service Dog Training

FAQ About Service Dogs

How do I get a service dog?

Fill out and submit our online service dog application form. Once this form is submitted your application will be queued for review by our trainers and staff to determine if our programs are a perfect fit for your specific needs.

Can my dog be a service dog?

We offer a service dog evaluation for your pet to determine if they are a possible candidate to become a service dog. There will be an option on our application to select if you would like for your own dog to be evaluated.

How do I afford a service dog?

Our service dogs are privately funded by the purchasing individual. There are grant opportunities and fundraising events throughout the year that go directly towards the funding of service dogs. Additionally, financing options are available through Lending USA or private loans to secure a spot in our service dog program.

What breeds can a service dog be?

We work with a variety of breed types for each service category. The does not restrict the type of dog breed that can be service animals. A service animal may not be excluded specifically for its breed.

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We Need Your Help!

Full Time & Weekend Puppy Raisers

Full-time puppy raisers live and work with their service dog-in-training in their homes for an extended period of time. Before you decide to foster one of our adorable, energetic dogs you may want to consider the following:

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Puppy raising requirements include:

  • Providing a safe, healthy environment where the dog feels loved and wanted
  • Understanding that this is a family commitment and everyone in the family is to be involved in the welfare of the dog
  • Socializing and keeping the dog with you as much as possible (i.e. shopping, work, family outings, etc.)
  • Teaching the dog good house manners
  • Exercising and training your dog daily
  • Having a fenced-in yard
  • Obtaining regular medical care (i.e. vaccinations) for the dog in coordination with R and R Kennels LLC
  • Completing monthly reports provided by our trainers
  • The willingness to follow the training guidelines given by R and R Kennels LLC
  • Returning the dog to R and R Kennels as instructed by trainers and staff
  • Attendance at training classes/ daycare at least twice a month

Each puppy will be fitted with a public access vest for “Service Dog in Training”. Please remember that puppy raising is a donation of your time, energy, and service. We appreciate your dedication to our program.

Email us for additional information at

Weekend Puppy Raisers

If you are unable to commit to being a full-time puppy raiser, another option is to become a weekend puppy raiser. Our dogs need to be pets, too! Weekend puppy raisers help socialize our dogs by allowing them in their homes to play and meet all kinds of people. We also expect weekenders to have our dogs in a safe environment and work on good house manners. Weekenders will pick up their dog on Friday at the R and R Kennels Pottsville Location and drop off their dog on Monday.

Weekend dogs will not be given a public access vest!

Email us for additional information at

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