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Retriever Training

Best Dog Training in Pottsville, AR

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Offering comprehensive training at all levels. Prepare your dog the right way and benefit from a lifetime of memories. Our facility and programs offer a unique experience geared to producing excellent retrievers in the field and exceptional companions for your home. Regular visits can be scheduled throughout your dog's training to ensure you are as prepared as your dog will be in every situation.

Puppy Head Start

Dogs 7-20 Weeks Old

Start your pup out on the right path to success. During this 14 day puppy program your dog will begin to build the foundation for all future success. We will cover beginner obedience (name, sit, place, leash walking, etc.), correct behaviors such as jumping and nipping, and socialize to a wide variety of environments and situations. Early positive exposure is the key to producing a confident retriever.

Program Details

  • Drive Development
  • Start Crate Training
  • Leash Walking
  • Sit, Down, Place Obedience
  • General Puppy Behavior


  • Intro to Guns
  • Intro to Birds
  • Intro to Water
  • Intro to Decoys
  • And More
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Started Retriever

Dogs 5+ Months Old

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The first step to building your ultimate retriever! During this program your dog will become proficient in advanced obedience, general behaviors, and hunting skills. Dogs at this skill level will be capable of completing a Started Dog Title (HRC) and ready to step into action in the duck blind. Program length typically 4-5 months.

Program Details

  • Kennel Manners, In Home Manners
  • Obedience: Sit, Place, Heel, Recall, Fetch, and Mark
  • Retrieve Live and Crippled Birds
  • Working Around Live Gunfire
  • Working Through Decoys (Realistic Setups)
  • Basic Blind Manners
  • Marking Birds to 200 Yds
  • Confidence Building Through Obstacles

Advanced Retriever

Our advanced retriever program is a perfect fit to developing the ultimate companion and hunting partner. Perfect for competing in field trials, hunt tests, and retrieving even the most complicated birds in the field. Your dog will be steady to shot and capable of executing precision blinds, casting, advanced marking, and more. Dogs of this level will be able to compete in field trials, Seasoned, Finished, Senior, and Master Hunt Test. Call or message us for more information for your advanced retriever.

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