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Private Training Programs

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Effective & Convenient Training

Dog Training

Our canine professionals are here to assist in training your dog to any desired skill level and help with all the behavioral issues along the way. Sessions are held in our facility or directly in your home for the most effective and convenient training possible.

Private Training is capable of covering any of your training needs. From behavior modification to beginner and advanced obedience. Make training your dog easier with professional precision and advice.

What To Expect:

Sessions are around 1 hour long. We encourage all owners and/or family members to participate. Private sessions allow direct focus on your pet(s) and give better insight for the entire family. This style of training is highly beneficial for owners with time to train their dog each day throughout the week.

FREE Introduction Appointment

 Training takes place where you choose. Directly in your home, at a local park, or in our facility. All packages are Family Packs so multiple dogs can take advantage of each session.

Multiple dog homes receive discounts on additional dogs.

Intermediate Obedience

Learn how to train your dog basic obedience and behavior skills. Whether you're getting a good start with your new pup or fixing some unwanted manners from older dogs, we've got you covered.


  • Individual Sessions - $200
  • 4 Session Package - $650
  • 6 Session Package - $900


This package is not for dogs with aggressive or reactivity issues.

Advanced Obedience

Learn hot to progress your dogs training or build the ultimate companion for your lifestyle. Adding to your dog's basic knowledge, building an amazing dog from the ground up, increasing obedience and behavior with more distractions, working in public areas, etc. This program is for you!

  • 8 Session Package - $1,200


This package is not for dogs with aggressive or reactivity issues.

Behavior Modification

For Reactive, Aggressive, Timid, etc. dogs will require a consultation for booking and requires at minimum of 8 sessions.

  • Individual Sessions - $200
  • 8 Session Package - $1,200

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    Dog Training Programs
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    A Safe Place For Dogs To Be Dogs

    At R & R Kennels we put your pet first. We take safety seriously here, making sure every dog is happy & healthy. Our staff takes great care to give each dog the individual attention they need. Whether it's a few hours or an over night stay, we provide a space where a dog can be a dog!

    r and r kennels pottsville
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