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Should your pet attend daycare?


Daycare is beneficial for all types of dogs. While you're working or doing other important things, your dog has a place to work on social skills, behavior, obedience, and let out some of that pent up energy. There is no substitute for coming home to a well-behaved dog that doesn't have excess energy from lack of stimulation.

We offer a comprehensive CAGE FREE daycare program that not only lets your dog play ALL DAY but also includes Enrichment methods to ensure your dog gets the most out of their visit.

Utilizing our 21,000+ sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor yards, your dog will be interacted with by our professional caretakers to initiate games, nap time, play time, obedience work, and much more.

What daycare does for your dog

Proper socialization is a key element to keeping your dog happy in any environment. Through our enrichment programs we help teach your dog to act appropriately around other dogs and humans.

Properly socialized dogs are more likely to behave in public or social situations and are able to feel confident when entering new environments.

Our Group Selection Process helps to sort your dog into the best fitting group for their interaction and educational needs. We have groups of low energy dogs that like to nap more than others, groups of dogs that are always on the go, and groups that share a little of both worlds. We will find the best fit for your dog to ensure they love their furry friend group and get the most out of each day.

What daycare does for your dog

How To Join


All dogs must be up to date on the following vaccinations:

  • Rabies
  • Bordetella

Vaccinations must be administered by a licensed veterinarian and proof of vaccines must be provided prior to admittance to daycare.

Free Consultation

All dogs must complete a consultation visit to receive their group placement evaluation.

This evaluation is only 3 hours long and don't worry, it's completely FREE. Once this step is done your dog will be placed into the play group most fitting to their needs.

Create A Pet Profile

Use our online pet software to set up your pets profile.

This will be used for booking services, tracking vaccines, daily notes, payment options, and much more. Once you have completed your pets profile, feel free to book online or contact us by phone to set up an appointment for you.

Puppy Preschool

Start your puppy on the right track to success with positive socialization, crate training, manner correction, and foundation obedience. The perfect environment for a developing puppy to build confidence and manners.

Ages 9 weeks - 6 months

What Do They Do All Day?

Your pup will spend their day between socialization, naps, crate training, obedience training, and (of course) more naps. Socialization takes place in puppy safe areas with other pups and humans. Crate training gives the pups a positive experience and helps to work away form separation anxiety. Naps are very important! Did you know puppies may sleep up to 20 hours per day when they are developing. We time all of our potty breaks and training sessions around specific nap schedules. Each pup enrolled in our puppy preschool gets a go home guide to help transition their progress back into your home. As always, our trainers are available anytime to give updates and answer any questions you may have.

Full Time Puppy Raisers

Daycare Schedule & Pricing

Weekdays 7am - 7pm

Weekends 9am - 3pm


Standard Daycare - $27.00

Utilizing our 21,000+ sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor yards, your dog will be interacted with by our professional caretakers to initiate games, nap time, play time, obedience work, and much more.


Puppy Preschool - $35.00

Start your pup out on the right paw for success.


Monthly Subscriptions & Packages

Save BIG with our monthly daycare subscriptions and packages


No expiration date

8 Day - $200 ($25 per day)

12 Day - $300 ($25 per day)


Renew Monthly

8 Day - $160 ($20 per day)

12 Day - $220 ($18.33 per day)

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Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri  7am - 6pm

Sat & Sun 9am - 3pm

Contact Us

Call Us: (479) 777-0974

E-Mail Us: Click Here

606 Edwards Rd. Pottsville AR.

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