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Here at R and R Kennels every customer is apart of our family. We always treat your dog as if it was our own and work hard to insure a quality service and satisfaction, as it is our highest priority. Each of our staff members have completed extensive training in their specialty in order to comfortably provide the best care possible to your pet.

We strive to help your dog to progress at a rate they can comfortably handle & never rush them into situations they may be nervous about. This applies to training, boarding, daycare, and grooming. From day to day or lesson to lesson, we have programs and procedures that meet the needs for all breeds and temperaments. With our staff you will be able to see first hand the proper and most efficient way to safely shape your pet into the perfect companion.

The Facilities

Our 5000+ sq ft facility is designed to fit all of your pets needs.

The building is completely heated and cooled to remain between 68-70 degrees at all times.

Our inside 2500sq ft play area is perfect for dogs with temperature sensitivity or to ensure your dog still gets all their playtime even on a rainy day.

The Kennel Room is designed with your dog in mind. We keep our facilities clean at all times which enables your dog to come home after their time with us without smelling like a "dog place".

Boarding dogs receive their own individual 5x6 kennel. We also have our Deluxe 8x8 available for multiple dog families and those who just want a little extra room.

Main Area

Our Staff

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At R and R Kennels our staff are educated and trained to provide quality care for your dog during their stay.

Not only do we supervise and care for your pup, we also interact with them throughout the day. Each member is trained to handle all the different breeds and temperaments in a quality manner.

Customer service is one of our top priorities and we take pride in our excellent customer care. You will be hard pressed to find a more helpful and friendly staff anywhere else.

Your dog is an important part of your family and we would be honored to have them as apart of our family as well.


We offer premier dog training with flexible programs for every dog and every lifestyle. Our training methods are designed to best suit the dog and parent while using reward-based techniques.

Our safe, family-friendly training is fun and effective and enriches dogs at every stage of life.

Don't Give Up On Your Pet

New dog owners may not be aware of some of the challenges that lie ahead when trying to train a dog. Puppies are notable for their need to be trained for example, with not many people realizing the extent in which training is necessary for young dogs.

Even those who have adopted an adult dog may feel the need to train it more, especially if it was formerly a stray with little to no training. Causing damage, being high in energy, and not having good social skills are just a few of the problems you could face from a dog that has had improper training or none at all.


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Dog Daycare, Boarding & Training in Pottsville, AR.

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Mon - Fri  7am - 6pm

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606 Edwards Rd. Pottsville AR.

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