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Do more with your dog!

Do you want to learn along side your dog every step of the way? Would you like to experience the benefits of both a fun training environment AND an awesome socialization opportunity. Our group class is exactly what you need then. We’ve set up a unique training curriculum unlike any that you’ve ever seen that will help you and your dog achieve your goals without the normal pressures and time constraints that come from a standard six week training class.

The Difference

When we say this class is unique from any other group class you’ve ever seen; we REALLY mean it. Your classes begin with us working one on one with you to build a basic foundation with your dog. Typically two or three of these lessons and focus on the things that you feel like need the most attention. Once we’ve accomplished this you will be invited to our group class, and that’s when things get really interesting. Our class does not run for six or eight weeks like a traditional class. When you join our group you get to take advantage of a full SIX MONTHS of training! The class runs every Tuesday at 6:30pm and every Saturday at 10am.

50 sessions: $650

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What if I miss classes?

We all know that life sometimes interrupts us unexpectedly, and that’s why we’ve created this special group class format. In a traditional class if you miss a week you’re out of luck, and there’s no way to make it up. In our group class however, you have the opportunity to attend 50 SESSIONS over the course of six months, so if you miss some here and there, it’s not going to put nearly as big of a dent in your progress.

What do we learn?

During our classes you and your dog will learn everything from basic manners to advanced training and socialization. Jumping, nipping, barking, leash walking, sit, down, stay, etc.


Every single thing is taught and reinforced with distractions of all kinds to ensure you and your pup know what to do in different situations.

What if we need more help?

Our foundation classes are set up to prepare you for a successful experience. However, we are here to help in any situation. Unlike traditional group classes, having multiple trainers per class allows us to take extra time with each pair to ensure YOU get the most of every class.

How do we start?

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Create an online account on our website.

Purchase a 6 month group training package.

Schedule your starter sessions via phone or directly online.

After your starter sessions, you will receive a text each week with the location of the classes.

Decide what classes you want to attend. Attend as many or as few as you would like.

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